Saturday, April 09, 2005

What the hell Zito?

OAK 0, TB 7 BOT 2

What is up with you Zito? You're making Nomo look good.

Worst. Inning. Ever.

UPDATE 4:36 PM: Zito has been pulled by Macha for allowing 8 runs in 3.1 innings, horrible. At least Yabu's making is American debut. Go Yabu and a very resigned Let's go Oakland.

UPDATE 4:48 PM: Inning finally over, Yabu gets the A's first strikeout. Allows three more runs all charged to Zito. I forgot to tell you that Yabu came in with the bases juiced. The offense need to wake the hell up. This game is a goddamn joke.

UPDATE 5:02 PM: Yabu's doing good, he's actually throing strikes and getting out of jams. Let's hope the offense wakes up. I sure love the wireless router I just installed. Makes liveblogging possible. Kielty's pinch-hiting for Kotsay? The A's have just given up. They've pulled their hottest hitter.

UPDATE 5:35 PM: Yabu strikes out the side. At least there are some positives from this bitchslapping of the A's.


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