Saturday, March 19, 2005

Danny Haren is looking sharp

OAK 5, MIL 1

So Danny Haren's scorless streak is now at ten innings. I was excited about this guy, when he first came over during the Mulder trade (personally, I didn't care that much about the Mulder trade, I was still pissed over Huddy). I looked at the two people coming in and saw how Haren was hyped as the "Harden of St. Louis." He was one of the few effective pitchers during the World Series, I'm expecting a big year from all of our rookie pitchers but I think Haren will be an excellent #3 starter for the A's.

In other news, it seems that Meyer is no longer an automatic for the rotation. Cue Yabu? I really do hope that Yabu makes it into the rotation.
Meyer, who will start against the Cubs at Phoenix Municipal Stadium today, has struggled the most, with a 10.38 ERA, and is a good bet to open the season at Triple-A Sacramento -- especially considering that Macha noted that Monday will be a "critical day" for the fifth-starter spot, with Yabu starting against the Giants and Etherton starting a "B'' game against San Francisco.
This is also looking good. I've always maintained that no matter how good Meyer has done in the spring, he should start the season in AAA, don't let his arby clock start so soon.

This is also music to my ears.
Briefly: GM Billy Beane said he's continuing to talk with incoming owner Lewis Wolff about his future with the team. "We've had some great conversations,'' Beane said. "The most important thing is that I'm pleased with what's gone on up until this point.'' It's believed that Beane could gain a small slice of ownership, perhaps 5 percent or so, to keep him from exercising his right to get out of his contract when the team is sold. He's signed through 2008. ...
-SF Chronicle 3/19/05
Billy Beane as a part owner of the A's. It's still a rumor, but I do trust the Chronicle. Billy's gone far from the days he got his '89 World Series ring by sitting on the bench.


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